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How to Have a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly House?

on 9 August 2021
Last update: 14 August 2021
sustainable house
Sustainable House

In this post, we talk about how you can have a sustainable house and live an eco-friendly life in it. Living more eco-friendly and sustainably are one of the ways which we can help with the fight of climate change. The time of the writing of this blog post, August 2021, Turkey is burning with continuing and life-threatening forest fires. These forest fires show that nature once again is damaged by the human neglect and the climate change is real. The world is on fire and we, as humans should do what our fair share is in this situation.

How to have a sustainable house?

But what is a sustainable house? A sustainable house is a house that is efficient and respects the resources of the nature, optimizes energy and water. To achieve these;

  • Passive Solar Design

Passive solar design uses energy from sun to help in heating and cooling living spaces. Using no mechanical device, passive solar design trusts on building materials that reflect, absorb or transmit the sun’s radiation.

  • High Performance Windows

Windows can make the energy in the house lost almost %50. This means with better quality windows that increases the efficiency like dual paned ones, there is less energy gone.

  • Cool Roof

A cool roof reflects the heat comes to your home instead of absorbing it. With this way, your cooling bill will come less, saving your cost for energy.

sustainable house
Sustainable House
  • Solar Panels

Solar panels generate electricity for you to use at your home. This is a clean energy source that emits less carbon to the nature.

  •  Insulation

Lack of insulation is a great problem for the energy efficiency of a house. Use insulation options that are more eco-friendly like cellulose insulation, denim insulation and icynene insulation.

  • Low-flow

Using low-flow showerheads, faucets and toilets can help you reduce your water cost. This means a 2.5-gallon-per-minute will be used with your (low-flow) shower head. Saving water and taking less from the water resources of the world will help your sustainability mission.

How to live eco-friendly?

Living eco-friendly means making small changes to your life at home and making eco-friendly decisions. These decisions include the location of your home and school, recycling your garbage, using less energy-based equipment and more. Living eco-friendly is not easy but helping to save the world should be a goal that everyone must have in their lives.

micro plastics
  • Water Filters

Adding a filter to your water mechanisms help you reduce microplastics. By not releasing plastic to the environment, you make sure that the water resources of the world are clean.

  • Cold Water

Use cold water to wash your clothes to have efficiency. A good washer and a high-quality     detergent will make sure your clothes are clean enough.

  • Line Drying

Instead of using a dryer to dry your clothes, use a line dry. By using line-drying you eliminate using another machine that uses energy. This way, you help the efficiency of your house.

  • Thicker Curtains

Blinds can be seen more fashionable at home but when it comes to energy saving, thicker curtains will do the work. With curtains in certain rooms, your rooms will keep the heat in the winter and cool the room by preventing sunlight in the summer.

  • LED Bulbs
sustainable house
Sustainable House

Switch your regular bulbs with more energy- efficient LED bulbs. They last mdo than regular bulbs, use less of your electricity and will save you money in the long run.

There are lots of things you can do to have a more sustainable house and an eco-friendlier living style. We included some of the things you can do but list can go on. There are other ways, more popular ones we didn’t include like recycling, buying recycled goods, making things at home with DIY style than buying. Let’s try to live more efficiently and save our planet for the future generations.

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